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Length Shine Repair Active Pack

Repair Your Hair Pack (Small)

Lock It In Length Shampoo, Length Conditioner, Shine Treatment Mist & Repair Hair Treatment

Four is the perfect number.  Enjoy Lock It In's 'Length Shine Repair Value Pack' with 4 of our favourite products all bundled together, your hair will love.  Sulphate and Paraben free to help healthy hair growth, our Length Shampoo and Conditioner  will cool, soothe and super hydrate your scalp, while our Repair Hair Treatment strengths dry, damaged or moisture starved hair.  Then Spritz style your hair with our Shine Mist for the perfect glossy, healthy shine. 


250mL Length Shampoo and Conditioner, 60mL Shine Treatment Spray and 250g Repair Hair Treatment.

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